08 19 2018

Stay Active During April Vacation! Unlimited Cage Time!

This April Vacation (April 16-20), we are going to be running a little deal to keep kids active. For $15 you can use the cage for an unlimited* amount of time. We have to restrict it for obvious reasons. Although we don’t think it would happen, we don’t want a group of kids to schedule a large block of time just to roll baseballs around in the cage for 3 hours. We do have to have restrictions to allow others to use the cage.

Take advantage of this! Not only is it an easy way to train, but it is also a great way to stay active over the April Vacation!


  • 1 hour limit on time each individual can RESERVE. If time is available beyond that hour (no one has scheduled it and no one is waiting), they are more than welcome to stay.
  • One payment of $15 is limited to a group of 3 individuals maximum
  • We do already have people scheduled for the upcoming week, only cage time that is available is to be used

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