08 19 2018

ASA Softball Preliminary Signup Sheet

In The Zone is looking to start 1 or more ASA Softball teams in Oxford Hills next year. We feel there is a need for  girls to play competitive softball throughout the summer. New England ASA softball provides that opportunity. The form below is for our preliminary signups. Putting your kids name on this sheet does not say you are definitely going to try out OR that your kid is definitely on a team. This is purely to see what the interest level is and what ages we should create teams for.

Please only sign the below sheet if you are very interested, are pretty sure you have the time to do this, are willing to travel on weekends to tournaments, and are willing to pay a fee (estimated right now to be roughly $400 per season).

Name: *
Age: *
Phone Number:  *
I would pay a $400 fee (estimate) to participate: *

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3 Responses to "ASA Softball Preliminary Signup Sheet"

  1. Mark Dirago says:

    Jessica would still be eligible to play 16U, but could also play 18U, if she needs to. I would really like to coach too. I am not going to coach for Bethel next summer, and I think that I am an above average coach, who could really be a big help to the players. I have gone to many coaches clinics, and have kept up with today’s softball. I also have other players who would be interested if I am the coach.

  2. Loretta Holt says:

    Mark is one of the greatest dads, and most wonderful, dedicated, knowledgeable coaches that I know. I speak from experience as he has coached my daughter, as well as his very talented daughter – who is a great pitcher, by the way. I have much admiration for his spirit and enthusiasm. Any player would be lucky to call him “coach”.

  3. Gabrielle Stone says:

    Mark has been my coach for 8 years, and taught me everything that I know today about softball. He always has the latest info as to what up with softball. He has led us to many accomplishments within the Bethel team. He is always looking for better way to teach basic skills. That’s another thing that he does well as a coach is not just over look the basics. he has many drills that have been drilled into my head and i wont be forgetting for a while. He would make an amazing coach for this team.

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