08 19 2018


On Sunday, December 9th, we will be knocking down the price on the 1 month and  3 month memberships. This is a one day deal, and will be the only discount we are going to run this winter. This is a great idea for a Christmas gift, as you can make it into a Gift Certificate.

1 Month Memberships: $50 (a savings of $25)

3 Month Memberships: $150 (a savings of $50)

These memberships are special in that not only are we lowering the price, but we are also adding to them! In addition to the 1 hour per week that is paid for in the membership, these (and only these) memberships will include unlimited cage time on Sunday mornings between 9 and noon.

Ask anyone who has been on a membership and they will tell you that consistently getting into the cages is the difference between being good and great.

Keep in mind the 3 month membership is perfect right now. If started after the holidays it will lead right into the start of the season!

*The start date of the membership does not need to be December 9th. As mentioned above you can get it as a gift certificate to start whenever you would like.

Hopefully this is a deal you will take advantage of. There is no place in Maine you can get this much cage time for this low of a price.


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  1. Fred Johnson says:

    Can I get a membership on line? OR do you have more hours tommrow to get one?

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