07 21 2018

Our Goal

Mission Statement:

The primary focus of In The Zone is to create character in local youths and teenagers because through experience we understand the valuable lessons that are learned by not only playing sports, but by striving to be the best we can be at them. By establishing a valuable facility that both the players and their families feel is a worthwhile experience, we will accomplish this.

The satisfaction of the customer will be top priority. Every effort will be made to guarantee that the service provided reaches maximum quality. In The Zone management and employees will do their best to give every individual who steps into a cage the most training time possible to assure customers time is well spent.

Every kid deserves the chance to train and excel to be the best they can be at baseball or softball and nothing should hold them back from doing so. We appreciate people who work hard and we will work just as hard to return the favor by providing the best and most affordable service at the highest of quality.


What We’re Not

Many, if not most, of the products or services you get come with the “pay it up or hit the road” mentality. That’s not us. We want any kid who wants to get better at baseball or softball to have that opportunity.

Historically many of the baseball and softball players in this region have had to travel long distances and pay large sums of money to expand their skills. In The Zone will eliminate that problem with an affordable facility within a short distance from the Oxford Hills, Bethel, Poland, Buckfield, and L-A area.

Allow us to work with you to get your son or daughter all of the practice needed to become the elite player he/she wants to be.